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Welcome to the first edition of event//wise for 2010... and what an eventful year we expect it to be!

I hope that you find this issue a fabulous source of inspiration for your upcoming conferences and events and full of helpful tips and the latest news to keep you attuned to what is happening around the globe.

At MSF we want to understand your business and help you to create the best events possible. I would love to hear your thoughts on any suggestions for articles that I can incorporate into future editions and that will be relevant for you.

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Happy Event Planning,

Mark Fordham
Event Director

Another Spectacular Biennale Launch!

MSF Events has produced another spectacular launch event for the Biennale of Sydney. Wednesday 12 March was the "Opening night" of the 17th Biennale of Sydney, and over two thousand guests travelled to Cockatoo Island to celebrate the launch of the three month arts exposition.

Australia's largest contemporary visual arts event was started in 1973. The event is held every two years in leading art galleries and public sites, and is renowned for showcasing the freshest and most innovative contemporary art from Australia and around the world.

In 2010 the centrepiece of the event in the impressive Cockatoo Island Turbine Hall was "Inopportune: Stage One", a nine-car piece meant to re-enact a Ford sedan somersaulting through the air. Each suspended vehicle represents a moment in time, like stills from a video. Flashing LED lights give the piece a theatrical tone that adds to the experiential element of the work.

The entire cliff face was awash in a red glow while across the apron in the Bulgari Lounge guests could escape the harsh industrial landscape and intermingle amidst the lush greenery.

Mark Fordham, Event Director at MSF Events said; "It was a real privilege to work with the Biennale of Sydney for the second time (MSF also produced the event in 2008) and to produce another sensational event on the island!"

Fordham went on to say that; "From our perspective, the success of the event is not just about clever design and styling in such a dynamic space like Cockatoo Island, with its many challenges, but also mastering the logistics and technical issues associated with staging a large event on an island and the meticulous planning that goes into ensuring that the event is seamlessly and safely delivered."

To take a 360 degree panoramic view around the space,
click here. Courtesy of photographer Peter Murphy.

To see more images of the event
click here.


Sydney Town Hall Reopens For Events

Following a $40 million essential services, internal safety and fire services upgrade, Sydney Town Hall recently hosted its first gala event in nearly two years and is planning for a busy year ahead.

A spectacular awards ceremony and gala dinner was held in the Centennial and Lower Town Hall areas in January 2010 and has been labeled a great success by organisers.

"Our event was fantastic, and the service and delivery from the staff at Sydney Town Hall was beyond expectations. The space looked absolutely amazing and we feel very lucky to be the first event in the newly refurbished building," Yvonne Christensen, Event Manager.

Sydney Town Hall features two spectacular large scale event spaces housed within the stunning 19th century building. A recent upgrade of the building has seen the extensive refurbishment and transformation of the Lower Town Hall in to a intimate multi-purpose area for events; audio visual improvements throughout the building; new catering facilities; a new function space in the former vaults of the building; and a new multifunctional event space for a wide range of events. Read more here...

What's Hot & What's Not In 2010

Being on trend is not just about using 'in colours and trendy accents', it's also about understanding the psyche of your market. Being able to analyse the market ahead of time is one of the skills of a good designer. How do you do this? In short designers must invest the time researching, identifying, analysing and interpreting trends. The Internet has made this task so much easier and blogs in particular are a great way of keeping up with design trends.

To get you started we have compiled a list of what I expect to be 'in and out in 2010'.

What's In

  • The strongest design trend in events is 'less is more'. Ok this one has sort of been forced on most businesses due to the economic downturn but even if your business is tracking well into 2010, any flashy or frivolous displays will be frowned upon by your clients and considered tacky. Often this is not actually about spending less... but you need to appear as though you have. Minimalism in clothing, accessories and event design can be more expensive than glitter, but in 2010 it will be important for your design to look refined. A good event designer can help a client achieve this within budget if this is a consideration.
  • Uber Cool meets Eco Chic. Sustainability has been on everyone's mind for several years now and it is so not cool not to pay attention to the sustainability of an event. However, just being green is no longer enough when it comes to event design. Successful event designers are now incorporating a strong sense of style and design into green events. Read more here...


Jingle Bells & Whistles

Have you started plannng your 2010 Christmas event yet?

Let MSF Make You Shine!
We can assist you with every aspect of your Christmas Event, from an initial creative concept right through to helping the last merry soul from the dancefloor.

Make a Lasting Impression
We know all of the best spaces around town so we can suggest creative solutions to traditional settings or source a remarkable space with a difference.

Engage & Excite!
Our friendly, experienced crew loves nothing better than to roll up their sleeves and work with you to choose a theme, style a space or dress a table for that unique dinner. Maybe you just need some sound and mood lighting or maybe you want the entire space styled from floor to ceiling.
Read more here...

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