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how to find the perfect venue & things to consider


Looking for the ideal venue for your next event? MSF Events operates an extensive database of over 200 venues all around Australia. We can assist with site choice, inspections and venue liaison. Contact us today to source the perfect venue for your event needs.

Things to consider when working with a venue:

  1. Review the venue agreement, look out for:
    1. discretion costs
    2. liability and indemnity issues
    3. access times and extra chargers
  2. Get everything in writing or images
    1. includes photos at menu tasting
    2. no. of registration tables and where
    3. where dinner booklets to be placed
    4. tables down at a particular time
    5. staff ratio
  3. Conduct a venue inspection
    1. access including front & back of house
    2. power
    3. hidden dangers, i.e. fire sprinklers, fire exits & smoke alarms
    4. provision for people with disability
    5. amenities
    6. existing damage
  4. Brief event personnel
  5. Prepare a room plan
    1. tables
    2. fire exits
    3. wait staff access
    4. capacity
    5. sight lines
    6. staging
  6. Prepare banquet protocols
  7. Prepare an event order
    1. quantity of band meals
    2. when they eat
    3. changes to the wine choices
    4. quantity of staging units
  8. Negotiate rates
  9. See what other items the venue can supply at no extra cost
    1. linens, show plates or serving options, tiered desserts
    2. extra bump-in or out time
    3. funky lamps, cocktail tables, ottomans
    4. audio systems, scissor lift, staging, DJ
  10. Brief the venue, share your vision
  11. Clarify extra costs
    1. don’t assume because you see equipment rigged that it comes with the venue
    2. cleaning, security, waste removal, kitchen equipment, tables, chairs and carpet tiles will be an extra cost
    3. request itemised estimates
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